Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Delora" Montauk, NY 2/2009


John David Thornton said...

Hey Tom,
Glad to see you're painting again.
Stuff looks great, & interesting subject...
I'll bet chasing that shadow was no easy task, HA!

blaise said...

Tom, nice work- like the way you interpret and rewrite an image with your brush- Blazer Kahooona

Richard Vander Wende said...

That's a nice one, Tom.

I like it when your brushstrokes all lock together like a pile of debris, bound and settled by gravity. Such consideration for the 2D asthetic - not allowing the 3D illusion to dominate - is one of the aspects I most admire about Hopper's work; and your best paintings share that quality.

(You still gotta work on that signature though.)


Ty Carter said...


matthew houskeeper said...

I really like these.

laojie - painter said...

That's a real cool ptg!
Great sense of winter light.

Richard Vander Wende said...

[And when you're ready to sell that "Port Light Tug in Winter" painting PLEASE let me know. (The signature is particularly bad in that one - but the rest of the painting is quite nice.) ; )]

Christopher Denise said...

Looks great Tom! A few us up in Rhody have been getting out in the field again as time permits.



Colin Stimpson said...

Stunning work Tom, I'd love to buy one one day.
Best wishes,